Back in Time: My Birth Story


The birth of my second child was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. My husband and I tried so hard to conceive her and I spent a lot of time trying to boost my fertility. We wanted to have a girl, but Joe’s side of the family had 5 generations of only boys. It was very unlikely. While we tried to conceive using ovulation tracking I also tried to gender sway. Apparently if you have sex at the end of ovulation you are more likely to conceive a boy, so we stayed away from that time. Finally…after a year of trying…SUCCESS! I was pregnant.

And I felt it. My pregnancy was easy with Gabriel. Aside from ravenous hunger and swollen feet, it was a breeze. I spent only 4 hours in labor and he came out after 3 pushes. I figured it would be easier…wrong. I was plagued with morning sickness until 18 weeks. By then I had lost 13lbs. I was worried, but things moved on after that

At 29 weeks I had my glucose tolerance test. I had put on 5 lbs of what I had lost at that point. I failed. I was so scared. Diabetes runs in my family. I didn’t feel like I had GD. Shortly after I had the dreaded 3 hour glucose screening. It was misery. I felt so ill. About 3 days later I got a call.

My levels were elevated (really high actually, my 2 hour was 217) and I had gestational diabetes. I was awe struck. I would have to prick my finger 4x a day and eat on a weird schedule. I didn’t know what to think. Have you ever tried to tell a pregnant woman she can’t have cake?

So I spent time researching and was lucky enough to control my GD with diet alone. I was very lucky. Although, it was miserable. I could feel when my sugar was high. The thought of getting diabetes scares me to death. My doctor wanted to induce me at 38 weeks, but I refused. My GD was controlled and I felt there was no reason to evict Emilia so soon.

It was 1am on July 31st. I was 39 weeks 5 days. I woke up with contractions. I had them so often I wasn’t concerned. I went to the bathroom and sat on the computer and noticed they were getting a little more intense. I was only at 1cm dilated the day before, so I didn’t think I would deliver her, I figured I would have a C-section. About 2pm, they were about 8 minutes apart. By 3pm I woke up Joe. I remember it fondly

Me: Joe!
Joe: (gurgle gurgle goo) Err Yeah?
Me: We are going to have a baby
Joe: Yeah, I know.
Me: No, we are going to have a baby today
*Springs out of bed*

It was hilarious. I got to L&D at 4am and got checked. I was 4cm. “That’s it”? I thought. I was in this much pain during transition with Gabriel. I wanted to go naturally with Emilia…it was in my birth plan after all. Well, my birth plan didn’t specify that I would have coupling contractions due to Emilia banging her head on my hip bone! So, not only was I in labor…I was doing in twice! In front and in back! I needed an epidural. Well…4 stabs later (yeah, it took 4 times to get it in) I felt sweet relief.

Until, approx 1 hour later when it wore off. Yes. I was then ready to push. Nearly 2 hours of pushing. It was agony. I felt everything. That was not the plan. After some big pushes my beautiful Emilia Anna-Marie was born and went straight to breast. She nursed for a whole hour. It was an amazing time for me and for my family. My family is complete. One boy, one girl and two crazy parents.









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