For those who aren’t following me on Facebook and Twitter (and you should if you don’t) we are moving. It came as a surprise and a shock and we had very little time to implement it. A few weeks ago my husband and I went to another city for the day to see my sister.

While we were there we noticed there was a web development business and Joe decided to go in to apply. We had no real expectation of him getting a job, as he hasn’t finished school yet.  He said they seemed busy and pretty uninterested in him when he was there. So we went on with our day and came home.When we got home, they had called 2 times since we left. He got the interview and was hired on the spot. So for the past week we have been packing and interviewing people to rent our house. We own 2 homes right next to each other. Packing and moving to an apartment is a lot harder when you live in a house. We had a lot in our garage.

As of today, we have somehow packed 90% of our stuff, cleaned our garage, donated a good portion to goodwill and rented the house. I am whooped. On top of it, I have been dealing with a gnarly eye infection that has made me quite ill. I still have no idea how we have done this…especially with the kids.

So the move in day is this Saturday. We need to make quick business of it, because Joe works again Monday. I have been on the phone nearly nonstop changing everything over and making new appointments for doctors, cable, schools, etc. I am pretty sure I am a zombie.

So, if you are a regular on my blog you will notice I will not be posting as much because of this move. I am hoping we can get internet into the apartment shortly after we move in. I will be documenting the move so I can show the pictures J Everyone loves pictures. I will have my final post on Friday and hopefully my next will come later next week. Please think of us during this time…we need all the help we can get. Be sure to share my blog and check out my fundraiser to start a mental health blogger conference


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