Differences Between Girl and Boy Babies

I am one of the lucky Mom’s who was blessed with both a boy and a girl. My son Gabriel will be 4 in August and my daughter Emilia will turn 1 this month. In this year, I realized how incredibly different boys and girls are in the first year. This may not be everyone’s experience…but this is my experience

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The Birth of a Son

Joe and I were together for nearly a year and a half before we had a separation. He had cold feet. He insisted he was to go to California and become a monk. It was traumatizing to me. It was a cold exchange of words from an otherwise warm man. My bipolar disorder/borderline was in full swing when he dropped me off to my apartment to say goodbye. I was alone, in a city, with nothing. I was frightened. I had no job, no money and had never been on my own before. I hated him.

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Back in Time: My Birth Story


The birth of my second child was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. My husband and I tried so hard to conceive her and I spent a lot of time trying to boost my fertility. We wanted to have a girl, but Joe’s side of the family had 5 generations of only boys. It was very unlikely. While we tried to conceive using ovulation tracking I also tried to gender sway. Apparently if you have sex at the end of ovulation you are more likely to conceive a boy, so we stayed away from that time. Finally…after a year of trying…SUCCESS! I was pregnant.

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5 Reasons Why Raising Kids Is Like The Hunger Games


1. They are the Capitol:

They really rule shit. Seriously. You can’t deny it. Your life circles around their needs. They are hungry? You feed them.They need new shoes? You buy them. They want you to fight a deranged game to the death? Well..you see what I am saying.And again. Kids resemble The Capitol in so many ways. The dress funny, they make no sense and you can’t take them seriously.
And yet. They really do rule your life.

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