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Maria Senise

(soon to be Vallejo as she is marrying the luckiest man alive in a few short months–weeeee!!), is a 32 year old certified language arts teacher, hairstylist, and, above all, mental health blogger who lives with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, OCD, and sporadic Depression. It’s a grand old time in her brain. She is obsessed with cats, especially her own Moo, Lord of the Rings, and anything fantasy-related or comedic. She has a ridiculously loud laugh that’s saved her sanity. 

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Rebecca Moore
Three years ago Rebecca was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder She immediately started reaching out to other parents who were also coping with it. Unable to find many resources just for parents, she create the website She is also the Author of Moorestorms: A Guide For The Bipolar Mother, which will soon be published by Praeclarus Press. Rebecca also founded a blog called The Bipolar Parenting Project. Rebecca is the mother of 7 children and is married to her highschool sweetheart.


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Samantha Nicholls 
Sami is a Medical Neuroscience undergraduate and has struggled with depression, anxiety disorders, anorexia nervosa and addiction for 10 years and currently has a ‘working diagnosis’ of C-PTSD. On 28th June 2014 she will be celebrating 2 years of sobriety. In 2012, she started ThatRedheadSaid as nothing more than an outlet but it soon evolved into a place to openly discuss mental health and challenge the stigma around these conditions through discussion and education. Her blog is now a lifestyle blog written in the context of “re-discovery” through recovery. Sami lives in the vibrant city of Brighton, England with her long-term boyfriend and high-school sweetheart and their neurotic tuxedo cat called Lily.            


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