Stress and Symptoms


As most of you know my husband Joe got a new job in a different city. We were so incredibly excited for this new step in our lives. After only a few days his boss asked us to move closer as it was an hour drive to the office.

We were excited to do so and hopped in willingly. A lot went on very quickly. I found myself losing it.
Phone calls, fax numbers, moving details, packing and more. My moods were out of control. I knew something was wrong when my focus failed me. I would sit in the bedroom trying to pack, but found myself looking around and beginning to weep. There was so much to do; it felt like I had a rumble of lava about to burst from the top of my head.

Stress has always made my symptoms come on in full force, medicated or not. I have a really hard time processing stressful situations. I would rapid cycle daily and it was exhausting, especially when so much needed to be done.  With Joe at work all day, most of the move was on my shoulders. Moving my family, who lived in our house for 5 years out in 2 weeks was nearly impossible. Then, to add to that we needed to find a renter to live in the house when we moved.

So, not only was I trying to pack by myself, I also had to show the house to prospective renters. Once we rented the house out we found out that the apartment wasn’t ready for the time our renter was moving in, so then we had to move out and live in a hotel until it was ready. I was at my wits end. I didn’t know how to handle myself.

We finally moved in a couple days ago and things are starting to calm down. I am mentally exhausted. I have been up and down so much in these 3 weeks that I feel as if I was hit with a baseball bat. Stress really makes me unstable, no matter how well I try to control my symptoms. Does stress exasperate your symptoms? How do you cope?

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