Blog Away Stigma Conference

I have decided to start a new project. A mental health blogger conference.  During my time blogging, I realized how little of a presence mental health bloggers had compared to Mom, Fashion, Tech and Lifestyle bloggers. Other bloggers in other topics have events and conventions…so why can’t we?  With 1 in 4 having a mental illness in this country, we should be doing all we can to further research, provide support and reduce stigma.

That is why I am here. Bloggers are known to have a significiant power with the public and I believe bringing together the mental health bloggers of the world for an annual conference would help the cause significantly. The conference name would be “Blog Away Stigma”.

In order to start this project, we will naturally need some funds to work with. With the money raised, we will start a website, start marketing, search for sponsors, look into locations, etc. My goal would be to have a day where supporters can come to meet the bloggers as well. I know that I would love to meet my fans, as they have all been so good to me.

Your donation could make all the difference. This conference would allow mental health bloggers like myself to meet other bloggers and industry leaders to help further mental health education, research and acceptance. Please do share our GoFundMe page!  Click our logo below to go to the page.

2 thoughts on “Blog Away Stigma Conference

  1. Where are you located and where were you thinking about having the potential conference…. I know these are probably too big of questions to answer now but I am in the US and would be interesting in participating but know that many of my followers and blogs I follow (related to mental health) are overseas.

    • I am also in the US. I am not really sure where I would have it yet, but I have a lot of followers in the UK too. If I could raise the funds or get some more sponsors, I may be able to do 2 events. One in US and one in UK.

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