By: Sami Nicholls

I thought this would be a good question to try and answer today. Last week I was on what seems to now be annual holiday to Nerja, Spain with my boyfriend. It was a wonderful holiday and I am proud to say that I coped with the flights without the assistance of medication and did not panic. I nearly cried during take-off but I think that was due to not experiencing bad weather on a plane before. 

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Differences Between Girl and Boy Babies

I am one of the lucky Mom’s who was blessed with both a boy and a girl. My son Gabriel will be 4 in August and my daughter Emilia will turn 1 this month. In this year, I realized how incredibly different boys and girls are in the first year. This may not be everyone’s experience…but this is my experience

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Chinese Food, Mustaches, and Empty Toilet Paper Rolls


We live in a really small town in northern Michigan so grocery shopping is truly a full day event. The nearest supermarket is 30 minutes away, so we only shop every 1 ½ weeks or so. So yesterday, we decided to have lunch with the kids before we went on our long and tedious shopping trip. We chose a China Buffet, which is one of our favorites. It was pretty busy for a Friday afternoon but we went in anyway. I took Gabriel up and we filled our plates. He always chooses the foods that I am visually unsure of…rebel.

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