OCD and my Dirty House


Let’s start off by defining Obsessive Compulsive Disorder shall we?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations (obsessions), or behaviors that make them feel driven to do something (compulsions). –National Library of Medicine

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Blog Away Stigma Conference

I have decided to start a new project. A mental health blogger conference.  During my time blogging, I realized how little of a presence mental health bloggers had compared to Mom, Fashion, Tech and Lifestyle bloggers. Other bloggers in other topics have events and conventions…so why can’t we?  With 1 in 4 having a mental illness in this country, we should be doing all we can to further research, provide support and reduce stigma.

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By: Sami Nicholls

I thought this would be a good question to try and answer today. Last week I was on what seems to now be annual holiday to Nerja, Spain with my boyfriend. It was a wonderful holiday and I am proud to say that I coped with the flights without the assistance of medication and did not panic. I nearly cried during take-off but I think that was due to not experiencing bad weather on a plane before. 

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Pregnancy: A Cure for my Bipolar Disorder

I started having symptoms of bipolar disorder when I was a child. To my grandparents who raised me, they thought I was just a independent and difficult child. Looking back, the signs were pretty clear.

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What Does Depression Do To A Person?




By Jim Ashley 


That seems to be a topic that’s never discussed in-depth. For some people, depression causes some to take their own life by means of suicide. Why do people with mental health illnesses take their own lives? To them, they reached the conclusion that suicide was the solution to end all the mental and emotional pain they’ve been suffering for any period of time (whether weeks, months, or years). Suicide is not cowardly, but rather, a desperate act that was reached with a clouded thought process. If you know someone who is discussing suicide, take it seriously and immediately get them some help!

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Welcome! Our New Contributor Sami!




I’m Sami and I’m going to be here to talk about the more geeky side of mental health. I’m a medical neuroscience undergraduate and was inspired to take on this degree from my own experiences with mental illness. I’m very late to the university-game at the grand old age of 26, but I’m of the opinion it’s better late than never!

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Welcome! Our New Contributor Becca!


My husband and I always wanted a big family, so three years ago when we found out we were expecting baby number seven, we were ecstatic. As the months went on, things began to change and I wasn’t as excited about the pregnancy as I had been before. I was homeschooling our other children and life began to feel like one big obstacle to overcome. Four months later I found myself in our local Emergency Room beginning to speak to a social worker because I was feeling suicidal.


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Going Off My Meds: Recipe For Disaster



I have always had my doubts. Is something really wrong with me? Maybe I am just a bitch? Maybe I over exaggerate? Maybe I am just lazy? Maybe I am just hyper? Most people with mental illness feel this way at one point in their lives. This type of denial is the dangerous and potentially deadly kind. A few months ago, I began binging and purging in a halfhearted attempt to lose weight. In hindsight I realize I was going through a pretty traumatic manic phase. My doctor (not a psychiatrist) was slowly upping my Lamictal by 25mg a month and I was only at 100mg. I was barely medicated.

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Mass Shooters=Mental Illness?



In the wake of yet another mass school shooting in America, the country mourns. We are angry. Why is this happening in our country? What is going on? And yet, as I flip on my television…what do I see? It’s certainly not anything about gun control or raising children properly, but alas, mental illness. No one is disputing that our mental health system is a wreck. I know from firsthand experience that it is a travesty by any other word. I must admit however, that the media’s portrayal of these shooters is uncomfortable and offensive.

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