The Tomboy Bride Versus the Glam Mom-zilla

By Maria Senise

Allow me to preface this piece by saying first that I love my mom very much. Though this is going to illustrate the not-so-lovable qualities she has, she actually is a wonderful, caring woman. My wedding has, for some reason, brought forth a mom-zilla creature…

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Differences Between Girl and Boy Babies

I am one of the lucky Mom’s who was blessed with both a boy and a girl. My son Gabriel will be 4 in August and my daughter Emilia will turn 1 this month. In this year, I realized how incredibly different boys and girls are in the first year. This may not be everyone’s experience…but this is my experience

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Why I said “NO” to the Job

By: Maria Senise This year was a rough year work-wise and mental health-wise. My teaching assistant job caused me so much stress that I became physically ill and had to take a leave of absence. Due to yearly budget cuts, I was riffed, (honorably discharged), prior to this. I took it in stride, knowing that this is what happens yearly, but also knowing that after 6 years of being a teaching assistant, I had absolutely no desire to return to it.

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Pregnancy: A Cure for my Bipolar Disorder

I started having symptoms of bipolar disorder when I was a child. To my grandparents who raised me, they thought I was just a independent and difficult child. Looking back, the signs were pretty clear.

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Our Trip to Mackinac Island

Joe and I had been together 7 years and never been on a vacation. We decided that it was time for us to have time to ourselves and without the children. We considered a lot of different places in Michigan…Traverse City, Bay City, Detroit, etc. After a lot of time on the internet looking for things to do and hotel prices we decided to go to Mackinac Island.

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What Does Depression Do To A Person?




By Jim Ashley 


That seems to be a topic that’s never discussed in-depth. For some people, depression causes some to take their own life by means of suicide. Why do people with mental health illnesses take their own lives? To them, they reached the conclusion that suicide was the solution to end all the mental and emotional pain they’ve been suffering for any period of time (whether weeks, months, or years). Suicide is not cowardly, but rather, a desperate act that was reached with a clouded thought process. If you know someone who is discussing suicide, take it seriously and immediately get them some help!

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Welcome! Our New Contributor Sami!




I’m Sami and I’m going to be here to talk about the more geeky side of mental health. I’m a medical neuroscience undergraduate and was inspired to take on this degree from my own experiences with mental illness. I’m very late to the university-game at the grand old age of 26, but I’m of the opinion it’s better late than never!

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The Birth of a Son

Joe and I were together for nearly a year and a half before we had a separation. He had cold feet. He insisted he was to go to California and become a monk. It was traumatizing to me. It was a cold exchange of words from an otherwise warm man. My bipolar disorder/borderline was in full swing when he dropped me off to my apartment to say goodbye. I was alone, in a city, with nothing. I was frightened. I had no job, no money and had never been on my own before. I hated him.

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