Differences Between Girl and Boy Babies

I am one of the lucky Mom’s who was blessed with both a boy and a girl. My son Gabriel will be 4 in August and my daughter Emilia will turn 1 this month. In this year, I realized how incredibly different boys and girls are in the first year. This may not be everyone’s experience…but this is my experience



Breastfeeding girls will give people dirty looks when they see her nursing



Breastfeeding boys will get defensive over the boob



Girls will whine and cry all day for no reason





Boys will cry when they are hungry 




Girls NEED attention. They won’t play by themselves for long





Boys would be content in a dark room playing alone all day




Girls need to be changed the second they go in their diapers 


Boys will literally sit in their shit all day if you let them



Girls don’t like it when you have to go anywhere…that includes into another room without them


Boys are cool with you leaving as long as they have food and some toys



Despite their differences…every mom feels the same way about 1 thing

You hurt our kids?




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